Our Family

When I set out to start a “family winery”, I wanted it to be just that: a winery owned and operated by the people I love most, my family. There are no outside sources - no winemaker, no delivery man and no vineyard manager. There is us, the Irwin family. We harvest our own crops and make each delivery ourselves. We are a family winery, in every sense of the word, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Beginning

Born to a German mother and American father, I started off my life in small town outside of Madrid, called El Torrejon de Ardoz. Now basically swallowed up by Madrid, it was a municipality all on its own, just outside a USAF base. I only lived there for few years and don’t remember much if anything from those years but I spent many summers with friends there, hunting, fishing, hiking and a heck of a lot of eating/napping/eating/drinking/napping and eating, from north to south and most of western Spain to the Portuguese border. Obviously, those times created a strong link between me and Spain, particularly the regions of Andalucía and Rueda/Toro. Both distinctly different socially and depressed economically, nothing in my mind comes close to the kindness and openness of the people, the stunning palate of colors in the landscape and the absolutely delicious food and wine of the region. The Bull and our Tempranillos are reminiscent of wines more from those regions than what most people are accustomed to from the Rioja region. That is where “The Mix” comes in, our tribute to Rioja, probably the most well-known wine region in Spain.

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